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With Simply Stated Workbooks, life planning is put into simple terms, empowering readers to take control of their futures and make informed decisions. Whether it be career goals, financial planning, or personal growth, these workbooks provide a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to improve their lives and achieve success.


Website Build

The website that our team built serves as the central hub for individuals seeking guidance on planning organizing for life’s big events. It features an intuitive and modern design that immediately captures visitors’ attention and encourages them to explore further. The color scheme and layout were carefully chosen to reflect Simply Stated WB in order to create a cohesive and professional user experience.


Simply Stated Workbook also offers consulting services for both individuals and businesses. Therefore they needed a way for clients to schedule appointments. As a result, we setup and integrated Simply Stated Workbook’s Calendly account with the site in order to create a smooth and timely process for both Simply Stated Workbook and their clients.


In addition to their scheduling integration, Simply Stated Workbook needed to be able to sell their workbook. This was made possible by our team’s integration of an eCommerce platform within the site that created an efficient checkout process for the client while also allowing Simply Stated Workbook to keep track of orders, accept various forms of payment, and more all in one place.
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