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Welcome to Market on Main

Market on Main is one of the best restaurants in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, mainly famous for live music, cocktail and gourmet foods.

Market on Main provides an exceptional dining experience with a focus on gourmet Americana cuisine and warm hospitality. Their menu features classic favorites with a creative twist, utilizing fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.


Website Build

Our team embarked on a creative journey to design a virtual space that echoes the restaurant’s inviting ambiance. From the moment visitors land on the homepage, they’re greeted by a harmonious blend of color, imagery, and navigation that mirrors the rhythm of the Market on Main experience.

One of the focal points of the website is the Events page, where upcoming live music performances take center stage. A dynamic calendar keeps enthusiasts in tune with the latest melodies, promising unforgettable evenings of entertainment.

But our website’s journey doesn’t stop with its visual and functional appeal. It embodies Market on Main’s spirit by offering an immersive journey through their story, values, and commitment to excellence. Whether on a desktop or mobile device, the website ensures a seamless experience, allowing visitors to explore, engage, and plan their next visit effortlessly.
Market on Main Website


At Market on Main, every detail matters, and that includes extending their unique essence into their merchandise. We are thrilled to unveil the successful implementation of a custom print-on-demand system for Market on Main’s exclusive merchandise line.

Our journey began with a deep understanding of Market on Main’s brand identity, capturing its culinary excellence and musical charm. With this insight, we curated a range of merchandise that resonates with the restaurant’s ethos, from stylish apparel to artisanal accessories.

Visitors to the Market on Main website can now explore a diverse merchandise collection, each item reflecting the restaurant’s flair. With a user-friendly interface, customers can choose their favorite designs, select sizes, and even customize certain items. Our system empowers customers to curate their unique Market on Main experience.


The real innovation lies in the integration of a print-on-demand system that effortlessly transforms these designs into tangible pieces of Market on Main magic. This system ensures that every order is meticulously crafted, maintaining the highest quality standards while reducing waste and excess inventory.

Once an order is placed, our seamless back-end operations take over. The chosen design is expertly printed onto the selected merchandise, whether it’s a t-shirt, mug, or any other item, and shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep. This tailored approach guarantees that each product is as special as the memories created at Market on Main.


But we didn’t stop at just implementing a print on demand system. Bulk screen printing emerged as a powerful tool for creating a cohesive merchandise collection that exudes Market on Main’s identity. With this technique, we translated intricate designs into a variety of apparel, in larger quantities. The result? A brand identity that’s not just seen but felt, carried by patrons as they wear Market on Main’s essence with pride.
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