Transform Your Online Presence

Our Mission

At Designs NT, we are dedicated to revolutionizing your online presence. From crafting visually stunning websites to curating captivating merchandise collections, our talented team combines creativity and strategy to transform your brand into a digital powerhouse.


Our Vision

At Designs NT, our vision is to empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital world by crafting exceptional online experiences. We believe that a strong online presence is the key to unlocking limitless opportunities and achieving meaningful connections with audiences worldwide.

We envision a merchandising landscape where every product becomes a powerful storytelling tool, where brand narratives come to life through carefully curated merchandise. Our goal is to transform ordinary products into extraordinary brand ambassadors that capture attention, foster loyalty, and drive engagement.

Meet the Founders

Nate Keenan

CEO & Merchandising Advisor

I have always been interested in creating things that provide a benefit to others. Whether that’s starting a clothing brand for a client in order to amplify a meaningful message or designing an in-depth website for a company that drives more sales, helping others through something that I created is what makes me happiest in life.

Tristan Shaw

Chief Sales Officer

I’m a determined go-getter, embracing challenges with a love for creativity and a business-savvy mindset. I’m always looking to seek knowledge, eager to share what I learn, and constantly striving for excellence.

Through my experience growing various instagram accounts, and new knowledge in sales, I can provide valuable resources to people looking to scale their social media accounts to new levels.”

Don't Just Take Our Word For it.

has been honored as a top contender in Design Rush’s selection of Top Web Designers in Columbia. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative design strategies, and customer-centric approach.