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Welcome to Market Party Express

The Market Party Express is an all inclusive world-class space to host your next event in a historic Rail Car right outside of Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina. The Market Party Express is perfect whether you’re looking to host a tailgate, birthday party, office party, greek function, or meeting – Market Express is here for you!


Website Build

Our creative process began by understanding the uniqueness of the Market Party Express – a historic Rail Car transformed into an all-inclusive event venue. Every element of the website design was meticulously crafted to encapsulate the fusion of heritage and modernity. Intuitive navigation was at the forefront of our design, ensuring that visitors could seamlessly explore the various event options and offerings. We incorporated high-quality visuals that showcase the venue’s appeal, helping potential clients envision their celebrations within this remarkable space.


One of the core features of the Market Party Express website is the intuitive event booking system. We developed a user-friendly interface that allows clients to effortlessly input event details – from tailgates to birthday parties, office gatherings to Greek functions, and meetings of all scales. Event hosts can specify their preferences, enabling a tailored experience that aligns with their vision.

For seamless event monetization, we integrated a robust ticketing system. Attendees can not only view upcoming events but also purchase tickets securely through the platform. Our payment gateway integration ensures that hosts receive funds directly and promptly, simplifying the financial aspect of event planning.


At the heart of our merchandising services is the dedication to enhancing the overall brand experience of Market Party Express. Every piece of merchandise becomes a tangible representation of the unforgettable moments hosted within the historic Rail Car. By providing tailored, high-quality products, we contribute to the creation of lasting memories for event hosts and attendees alike.


As part of our dedication to providing a comprehensive and streamlined experience for Market Party Express, we introduced a cutting-edge print-on-demand (POD) system that revolutionized their merchandise offerings. This system not only enabled Market Party Express to offer a diverse range of branded products to their clients but also ensured a hassle-free, on-demand fulfillment process.


But we didn’t stop at just implementing a print on demand system. Bulk screen printing emerged as a powerful tool for creating a cohesive merchandise collection that exudes Market Party Express’ identity. With this technique, we translated intricate designs into a variety of apparel, in larger quantities. The result? A brand identity that’s not just seen but felt, carried by patrons as they wear Market Party Express’ essence with pride.
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