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Market on Main

Experience Columbia, South Carolina’s finest gourmet Americana cuisine along with live music, indoor and outdoor seating, a bar and more!

Metadata Engineering

Metadata Engineering believes that companies are comprised of people and technologies. They were founded on the principles of ensuring that a company’s Technology service management organization is aligned with the business’ larger, more strategic objectives.

Metadata Engineering takes pride in their ability to match a technology to an improved business objective and not try and force a business objective to match a specific technology.

Tech Deploy

Tech Deploy provides technology integrations, installations, and repairs. From security systems to cabling solutions, Tech Deploy offers innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Medicare in a Box

No longer do you need to spend hours scouring the internet or consulting with multiple representatives to fully comprehend your Medicare options. With Medicare in a box, all the information and resources are conveniently organized and accessible. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to simplicity with this all-in-one solution.

Simply Stated Workbook

Created with the intention of simplifying the process, Simply Stated Workbooks are here to empower and guide you towards making impactful decisions. Gone are the days of not knowing what you need to know.

With Simply Stated, life planning is put into simple terms, empowering readers to take control of their futures and make informed decisions. Whether it be career goals, financial planning, or personal growth, these workbooks provide a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to improve their lives and achieve success.